Letter: There’s only one humanity, one Earth, one opportunity


What is One? How many times do we count in our minds one, two, three, always starting with one? This distinction between one and more is among the first concepts learned as we emerge from infancy in languages and cultures throughout the world.

Many religions avow one underlying unity. Governments with their many complexities choose one individual to lead. April 22 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Intriguing as the other planets and moons are we have found none other that could support us, only one planet does that.

Much has been made of our political partisanship. While finding common ground in government is seldom a smooth process it is now mostly torn, two entities glaring from either side of a chasm, and whether shouting mean or speaking with civility endgames remain elusive. It is most likely not just coincidence that the rising political divide has been paralleled by rising income inequality.

A disappearing middle class creates another chasm making opportunities more distant and cutting us in two. At critical times the chasms reveal even more. Corporations saved while small business loans run out and underprivileged populations suffering more loss during the COVID19 pandemic are current examples.

It gave me great pleasure to watch the recent “One World at Home Together.” Musicians, artists, and others from around our Earth delivered a power message. Music, that most beautiful example of unison, was created as performers synced voices and instruments simultaneously across the globe.

One … we should pause and pay homage to this oft spoken three-letter word. Feel its power and let it guide us for there is only one humanity, one Earth, and one opportunity.

Donald J. Miller


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