Letter: There is hope when people think for themselves


The man is a tyrant. Completely unprincipled and ruthless in his pursuit of self-aggrandizement and power. He is pathologically narcissistic and lives in a self created reality that is built upon lies and unscrupulous deeds. Principles are for the weak. His followers are easily duped by relentless propaganda promoted by sycophants that care more about their shallow notoriety than they do the truth.

They are the masters of misinformation. Without the ease with which media can now be manipulated, it would be hard to imagine how readily fake news and alternate realities can be created. Real news is fake news. Fake news is real news. Black is white and white is black. The Brave New World is now. And the result is the cult of the tyrant.

It is human nature to want to believe in something. But when beliefs are manipulated to fit agendas, truth and reason suffer and become irrelevant. Propaganda triumphs and brainwashing becomes the norm. Critical thinking falls from favor and atrophies. Few even know how to employ it. People who don’t adhere to the beliefs of the cult of the tyrant are heretics and the enemy. Democracy and civil discourse is replaced by tribalism. We versus them. I’m right and you’re wrong. And complacency allows this to happen.

So now honestly, who exactly is the tyrant? Is he in this country or in Russia? Confusing isn’t it? Scary too. But there is hope. You have a brain. Think for yourself. Seek objective facts. Avoid the cult and you won’t suffer the future effects of the purple Kool-Aid.

Robert Jobe