Letter: There are more speeders than slow drivers on island


The “In Our Opinion” piece from the Dec. 7 edition of your paper contained an editorial titled “You’re not alone in your irritation with slow drivers.”

My own experience here on the island has involved far more speeding drivers than slow drivers, and I fear your piece comes across as somewhat of a defense for those speeders. I do not consider myself a “slow driver.” However, in my desire to stay within the posted speed limits I have been passed many times by drivers who wish to go much faster.

I think it is important to keep in mind that on our island there is no place you can legally drive faster than 55 mph.

I also wish to point out that the posted speed limit reflects the maximum legally allowed speed, and not the minimum suggested speed.

The two main roads on the island – Highway 20, and Highway 525 – have numerous stretches where the maximum allowable speed is reduced below 55 mph. Basically, Whidbey Island roads are not designed for high speed travel. Keep in mind that distances are relatively short on our island.

I would venture to guess that most car trips made on the island are under 10 miles. Therefore, if you are indeed stuck behind a “slow driver,” odds are good the resulting delay will only amount to a minute or two. Is that extra minute or two really going to cause your “blood to boil”?

George Sinclair