Letter: The facts have proven that President Trump is corrupt


I will raise several issues here: Do the media, whether Facebook, Twitter, radio, TV or printed media, have any responsibility to either support or delete conspiracy theories spouted by individuals who may believe what they are spouting or are spouting the words of some other conspiracy theorist?

For example, in a recent letter to the editor, a writer stated that Joe Biden received millions of dollars from the Ukraine and China.

This claim has been espoused by Trump and his attorney, Rudy Giuliani, without any evidence. Further, Giuliani has failed to provide any proof, nor has he succeeded in legal action for this espoused “nonexistent” crime.

That same writer stated that Biden is “proving to have presided over an enormously corrupt administration.” I wonder where the proof of that allegation is?

The point is that people believe things whether false or true.

While the Constitution guarantees the right of free speech, it does not provide the same protection to those who espouse false, untrue opinions.

I believe we as a society need to speak the truth and not misrepresent the facts.

Moving on, I believe the author is confused, as Trump clearly has won the prize for corruption.

Trump has run government meetings including hosting international diplomats at Mar-a-Lago, his golf resort in Florida. That resort gets paid for those functions, which financially benefits Trump and violates the Emoluments Clause.

Many dignitaries who visit Washington, D.C., stay at Trump’s hotel there, which again financially benefits Trump and violates the Emoluments Clause

U.S. dignitaries, including Mike Pence. while traveling overseas. have stopped or stayed overnight at a Trump golf resort in Scotland on their way home.

There was no need to stop there other than to help support this money-losing resort.

Again this violates the Emoluments Clause.

In reading this letter, I was looking for but failed to find any comment about the approximately 535 infants and young children who were removed from their parents’ arms at the border and sent halfway around the U.S. into foster care of some kind.

Now the U.S. government cannot find their parents.

Nor did I find any comment about the fact, as decided by the courts, that Trump illegally sent untrained federal personnel into Portland, Ore., to quell riots.

I don’t recall any recent president, Republican or Democrat, committing such crimes.

Robert Boehm


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