Letter: Thanks to postal carrier for dedication


My neighbors and I want to say thank you to the super dedication of our postal delivery person, Cris. Cris is working extra hours trying to be sure all the mail, and those “convenient” Amazon deliveries, reach their destination on time. Cris even continued her route up and down our hills in the snow and ice to make as many deliveries as possible. It is impressive to watch someone commit every day to her work. She is the ‘lifeline’ to those of us who count on receiving our mail delivery each day.

I have seen notices recognizing personnel on the boards at the Post Office, and I wish to nominate Cris for this recognition here in our Freeland delivery service zone.

Cris, thank you for delivering such consistently good service with a smile and a personal chat as you make your rounds. Whether it is snow, ice, rain, wind or heat, nothing seems to get in the way of your daily route. You are an important part of our lives, and truly appreciated.

Lauren, Claire, Judy and Arlo, Linda and Frank, Lisa and Brad, Kathy and David and others

Bush Point