Letter: Thanks for proving rare sighting on island was real


This is a thank you note to this newspaper and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife for proof of the bear I read of in last week’s paper. I saw this bear earlier this year at Fort Casey.

We were camped and I was on my usual early morning walk, when I saw a very large dark animal, that was too large and bulky to be a dog but would pass for a bear.

This location was a short ways from the Fort Casey shop at the park head quarters. I spoke to two workers at the shop about this animal and their reply was “there are no bears on Whidbey Island.”

Since I am a female in my 70s, I got the feeling they thought I was a little on the short end of reality.

But they said they would check it out.

Unfortunately, I think the park host was of the same belief. So, thanks to the Whidbey News-Times and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, you have both made this old gal feel more confident in my reality. Thanks again.

Helen Mossington

Sedro Woolley

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