Letter: Supreme Court’s decision not based on Constitution


I don’t believe that the Supreme Court was formed for justices to give their personal opinions or form an opinion that will affect millions of people based on their opinion or that of their church. At one time we could rely on the court to protect minorities or people with no voice. Now we can count on them not at all.

If they would overturn a 50-year-old right, a major setback after five decades of protection, what else might they go after? Where is the equal justice under law and where are the guardians and interpreters of the Constitution they were meant to be? Women were not mentioned in the Constitution.,

So again I ask where are these decisions and interpretations coming from, certainly not from the Constitution. Alito went to a 17th century English legal law “expert” where women had no voice, who “supported marital rape had women executed.” Why would he go backward for anything, especially to someone with these extreme opinions? I can’t believe anyone would go back to the 17th century for these opinions for 2022! Is he serious? Abortion, AR-15s, gay rights, same sex marriage and interracial marriage are not in the Constitution either. So if the justices can curtail women’s rights and their status as free and equal citizens, we must wonder where they will go next.

The arrogance that they think they can go back and “fix” other decisions. Unbelievable. Just because it’s not mentioned in the Constitution one would think they would be sensitive to the millions of people their decisions affect, rather than ride rough-shod over rights we have counted on for 50 years. I guess the ultra-conservative extreme justices do not deserved to be viewed as educated, smart people who care, as they once were, but must now be viewed as very biased, selfish GOP extremest that we wish we could but can’t ignore.

Nancy Mayer