Letter: Support candidates not in league with special interests


In just a few weeks, the citizens of Oak Harbor will be voting to elect four city council members. I am supporting Shane Hoffmire and Stefanie “Fe” Mischo in their bid for council positions 4 and 5.

Since our city council is composed of seven members overall, this year’s election is particularly important. In prior years, it was my preference, as mayor, to refrain from endorsing one candidate over another in city council races. This time around, however, I feel compelled to speak my mind.

Like many communities in Washington, during the last two years the City of Oak Harbor has been dealing with high demand for housing and related pressure from real estate developers to approve their proposed projects. The planning and development process in most Washington cities, including Oak Harbor, is a thoughtful and deliberate path that allows reasonable growth in measured amounts.

Most real estate developers and builders in our community understand the value of planning and strive to work within the system. A few, however, prefer to bend that system through politics. This coming election could result in more than a few, it could mean a majority, bending our system.

Mr. Hoffmire and Ms. Mischo are independent and knowledgeable. They are not in league with “outside special interests” and will look out for the citizens of Oak Harbor if elected. I urge you to support them.

(The opinions reflected in this letter are mine and not in any way intended to be an official statement.)

Robert “Bob” Severns

Mayor of Oak Harbor