Letter: Street paving should be city priority


In response to “Commission questions council priority list,” Dec. 3 letter to the editor: Nowhere in this list is street paving. We have Oak Harbor city streets in much need of resurfacing. West Whidbey Avenue between Southwest Heller Street and South Oak Harbor Street and, Southeast Pioneer Way between Highway 20 and City Beach Street. Both are heavily travelled and in some areas have cracks, patches upon patches, and even some of those patches are cracked.

Does the city receive gasoline tax money from the state, as Island County does? If so, what is it being used for? It certainly isn’t roadway maintenance and repair. Island County is resurfacing roadways that are in far better shape than the aforementioned Whidbey Avenue and Pioneer Way. Why is the City Council ignoring our streets? Perhaps these questions should be asked of the council. Some Third World countries have road and streets better than these. What do city visitors think when traveling these degraded thoroughfares?

Ed Hickey

Oak Harbor