Letter: Stands behind efforts to awaken the ‘woke’


I had the opportunity to read articles in the Whidbey News-Times and The South Whidbey Record last week that were reminiscent of an article referencing a letter written to the Oak Harbor School Board.

After that article ran, I noted social media discussion regarding parent’s concerns.

The North Whidbey letter garnered 80 signers, the South End letter 37, I believe.

I don’t think these numbers are representative of the significant amount of parents, students and community members who agree the concerns of both these letter writers are not only valid, but urgent.

Parents are upset. I am upset.

I, and many like me — and there are many, stand behind these efforts to awaken the supposedly “woke” in our schools.

Please humble yourselves to our requests.

Jacob Anderson

Oak Harbor

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