Letter: St. Clair’s decisions lead to problems, more spending


I have noticed changes to our county over the past several years and it is not going in the right direction. It’s not because of the pandemic or the Ukraine war, it’s mostly because of local policies which are not addressing our growing problems.

There’s been a lot of criticism of Tim Hazelo, but that’s pretty easy when the Republican party is pretty easy fodder. But when you look honestly at the person, you see a completely different narrative. There’s a reason why so many independents and Democrats have told Tim he has their vote. They know he cares about creating real solutions for our challenges. Tim supports public safety, transparency in government, making living in Island County more affordable and self-sustaining solutions for our homeless persons.

I have not met Janet St. Clair, but based on her own website, her top priority is broadband internet. Her decisions as a commissioner so far have only lead to further spending and greater problems from what I can see.

Some folks may want to come up with dirt on Tim, but he’s got a local track record of integrity and his community will vouch for it. Perhaps that’s why his campaign has taken off the way it has. Folks are fed up with the status quo of a higher cost of living and crime rate. We want our environment and way of life preserved. Vote for Tim Hazelo for Island County commissioner if these are your concerns too.

Maureen Greene