Letter: St. Clair is an able advocate for community


We are fortunate to have an outstanding Democratic candidate running for State Senate in the 10th Legislative District. Janet St. Clair provides a stark contrast to the incumbent whose voting record supports the Republican agenda as demonstrated by his opposition to various bills supporting health care and a woman’s right to choose. (HB1272, HB1616, SB6088, HB1851)

St. Clair has been a strong advocate for our community over the last six years as an Island County Commissioner. Not only has she been a leader in dealing with the routine issues of county government, she has also taken issues to both the state and national level on our behalf.

At the state level she has been an active participant in the Puget Sound Partnership dealing with coastal environmental issues and led a team that brought over $25 million to Island County in support of broadband expansion.

Nationally, she continues to advocate for improved benefits and health care for veterans, active-duty military and families. She was also successful in getting an additional Veterans Service Officer for Island County.

St. Clair brings a lifelong dedication to helping others as a career social worker. She also brings her keen intellect and interest in policy issues as tools to find solutions that help all of us. All citizens of the 10th Legislative District will be well served by electing Janet St Clair as our next State Senator.

Art Huffine

Oak Harbor