Letter: St. Clair deserves to be re-elected as commissioner


I met Janet St. Clair four years ago when she was a candidate running for office. Upon meeting her, I was impressed by her warmth, intelligence and knowledge of the issues and my opinion hasn’t changed. Janet is a woman of high integrity and experience. Janet respectfully listens to all points of view and input on any issue brought before her, researching herself, fully, before making any decision as county commissioner.

Her achievements include:

* Working with the state DNR to address loopholes thatlead to massive clear cuts and at the county to enforcemoratoriums and provide incentives to steward and protect our forests. She’s also worked on policies to protect our Puget Sound ecosystem, including emphasis on salmon recovery and estuary and shoreline restoration.

* Helping save Whidbey Health by connecting the new interim leadership there with relationships she had at the state and federal level to get resources and support to guide them back to solvency. She also helped open the Crisis Stabilization Center in Oak Harbor and advocated to federal elected leaders to pass the PASS Act so veterans can get coverage for their exposure to toxins during their service.

* Voting to allocate the majority of Island County’s American Rescue Plan Act funding to work towardsaffordable housing for working families, including a current project that will build housing above the food booths at the Whidbey Island Fairgrounds.

Janet is a woman of faith but doesn’t push her beliefs on others. She believes in everyone’s right to their religious beliefs. Just as she believes in women’s sovereign right to choose and make decisions about their own bodies.

Please vote for Janet St. Clair because she has the experience, leadership skills and truly cares about our Island County community.

Frankie Petitclerc