Letter: South Whidbey fundraiser raises $20,000 for schools


The South Whidbey Schools Foundation thanks our generous community in supporting our annual fundraiser — this year it was an online virtual one in place of our gala dinner auction.

Last year, we raised $33,000 from the in-person gala. This year, we raised $20,000. We are so very grateful.

These donations will help teachers plan creative and engaging ways to help students meet educational goals next school year — in whatever way the school year is affected by COVID-19 pandemic regulations.

Education is the building block of a healthy society. Placing resources in the hands of innovative educators, is the primary reason for the Foundation’s existence. A special thank you to our business sponsor Whidbey Island Bank for its generous sponsorship.

It is never too late to donate, so if you meant to and haven’t yet, please visit our website at swsfoundation.org

We have several tribute videos as well as examples of projects we have funded in recent years. Check us out, and thank you South Whidbey.

Shelly Ackerman,


South Whidbey

Schools Foundation

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