Letter: Sheriff’s training for handling mental health incidents shows


With so many negative stories about law enforcement in the news these days, we’d like to give a big thanks to the Island County Sheriff’s Office for a job well done.

Last week, a stranger in the midst of a mental health crisis drove down our long, secluded driveway and exited the vehicle, acting agitated and confused.

Unable to communicate with this person, we called the sheriff’s department.

First to arrive was Det. Laura Price, who engaged this person with the utmost kindness and respect — talking, offering a water bottle and setting boundaries. Other officers arrived, then a fire department medic unit and then an ambulance.

Throughout this 90-minute encounter, we saw law enforcement and medical people doing their best to determine the scope of the crisis, gently convincing the person that medical help was called for and getting an uncertain person into the hands of people who could help.

I have read that Island County Sheriff Office has done extensive training of its staff regarding mental health encounters, and it shows.

Thanks to all involved for a job well done.

Marti Anamosa and Duane Fulgham


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