Letter: Share your opinion of Navy training in state parks


I’m proud of my city for passing a resolution opposing the Navy’s application to conduct war games in our state parks. Kudos to the Langley City Council and mayor for speaking out.

As pointed out in the resolution, “clandestine military training in no way aligns with the mission, vision or core values of Washington State Parks.”

State parks are not intended to be sites for stalking and spying on the public, complete with realistic looking fake weapons. The very reason for visiting our parks — experiencing peace in nature — would be nullified.

Why would we feel safe in such an environment?

And if I would shun the parks under these circumstances, so would visitors to the island. Tourists are drawn here for the natural beauty and then proceed to funnel money into our local economy.

Once the word was out, people would no longer frequent the parks, not wanting to be the targets of “clandestine and surveillance” training.

The values of the Washington State Parks include, “involving the public in our policy development and decision making.”

Hopefully this resolution by the elected representatives of the citizens of Langley will get their attention. You can send your own opinions on this matter to the Washington State Parks Commissioners at commission@parks.wa.gov.

The more feedback they receive the better. The comment period ends on Jan. 28.

Gail Fleming


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