Letter: Sculpture donation coming at right time, to right community


What an incredible opportunity, the privilege of a Sculptor Sebastián art piece in Oak Harbor.

This world-renowned artist has respected and appreciated installations throughout major cities in the United States, Asia and Europe. I was first introduced to his work in San Antonio, Texas.

Our community is beyond fortunate to be able to benefit from the remarkable generosity of George Drake caring for us and having his estate now help our community pursue the placement of this remarkable gift.

The “Angel de la Creatividad” could not come at a better time than as our community starts to return to living beyond our pandemic bubbles, a beautiful symbol of having a guardian.

How can this come to fruition? As I read the City of Oak Harbor’s financial reports, there are plenty of restricted designated art funds available. City council can set a specific amount as to what they are willing to put forth — $40,000 to $50,000 — and have the city Arts Commission members and the other volunteers on this project map out with appropriate city staff review in engineering, foundation and placement, specific needs and costs, plus find any other funds that are needed, then return to council for final approval.

As in the past, put a time limit to get the details worked out but let us make this happen. It would be a beautiful addition to the Windjammer/City Beach Park, and it does not have a large footprint. Yes, there will be naysayers but look to the majority and those who are willing to give time and energy for all the right reasons.

The naysayers can bring their ideas, time and energy for the projects they want to share but let this art gift opportunity go forth for a future final approval.

This is a beautiful piece valued well beyond Oak Harbor’s abilities or means and it is coming as a gift.

As was stated in your editorial, “let us not squander this opportunity.” Oak Harbor has regretted too many others lost.

Sue Karahalios

Oak Harbor

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