Letter: Rush Limbaugh a talent ‘on loan from God’


I miss Rush Limbaugh’s insights into our deep state of corruption and misinformation, but feel blessed he now is in direct contact with God. Can you imagine the substance of their discussions at this level of cosmic powers?

What is the real plan for Americans struggling to retain our God-given constitutional rights, morphed and marginalized by the political left? Yes, marginalized by compliance.

Can you not imagine Rush humbly petitioning our Lord for a cosmic radio station broadcast from the heavens? I can see it now; cancel-free messages endorsed by God.

These words of wisdom would never be interrupted by interviews, obnoxious protesters nor riotous cults, but sound advice stimulating insights of whom our demons really are.

Every morning I’m on my knees asking God to protect us from the demonic Dems, and God knows of whom I speak.

When former President Trump gave the Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh while Melania draped it across his neck, the televised media scanned the standing ovation of an applauding American audience.

Of course there was the demonic Democrat, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, sitting in defiance, considering how best to rip up the president’s address to a nation.

Just another example of a Catholic in name only co-mingling with demented Joe Biden who claims a title of “devoted Catholic,” yet is an abortion ripper condemned by Catholic Bishops and Cardinals.

Rush is no longer on loan from God, but in his direct embrace, hence transmission inspired.

No coded transmissions from, say, a clandestine submarine, but direct straight talk without static and devoid of abstractions. Maybe a few suggestions of how to join the flock and avoid the political corrected whitewashing of Big Tech. platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

We are all on loan from God and should be speaking out without fears of suppression by editors, public educators, platform controllers, public universities, schools, governors and tax collectors.

You too can stand tall with words from James and God’s blessings: “For that person must not suppose that a double-blinded man, unstable in all his ways, will receive anything from the Lord,” James 1:8

Edward Drum, M.D.


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