Letter: Rude customer service for trash pickup unacceptable


Regarding the article concerning hiccups in trash pickup (Jan. 12, 2022), we live in an over 55 park in Coupeville. We certainly understand inclement weather preventing pickup. Of course, we want our drivers to be safe. We did, however, go three weeks without any trash pickup while the road in our park was completely clear of snow and ice.

Marvin, along with our park manager, both called Island Disposal to inquire about pickup and both were met with an incredibly rude employee, who refused to give her name, or connect them with a supervisor and who hung up on Marvin. This person fiercely insisted trash was picked up in the park that very morning, yet we and everyone in our row still had three weeks of trash waiting at the curb. Yelling that cans are supposed to be out no later than 6 a.m. was a poor excuse because nearly all of those cans, including ours, were placed at the curb the night before, as they always are and were with no pickup during those weeks.

We can all understand someone having a bad day. Yet the level of rudeness from this Island Disposal employee was beyond acceptable, as were her rantings about a 6 a.m. excuse. We are not a part of the group receiving new size cans either. Marvin decided enough was enough and took our three weeks of trash, along with the trash of two elderly neighbors, to the dump and paid for it all out of his own pocket. Given what we read in the article, we are far from the only folks experiencing a trash pickup problem, and we hope the issues Island Disposal is having are resolved sooner rather than later, with perhaps some training for that employee on how to properly speak to and treat customers.

Luanne and Marvin Raavel