Letter: Response following car accident was exemplary


On Tuesday morning, July 30, I was involved in a vehicle accident. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in our assistance and the aftermath.

I don’t remember many names, unfortunately, but I would especially like to thank nurse Kathy, who was the first to come to my aid and stayed with me the entire time, even when the EMTs came.

EMTs arrived immediately as they were on the road and saw the accident happen. Also, thank you, to the wonderful couple who found my phone and called my husband Rich.

They joked around and kept us all laughing to lighten the issue at hand. And thank you to just everyone who took the time to stop and help whether it was their job or not.

This world is truly full of fabulous people.

To the other driver involved, I would like to say, life happens, sweetie. We all have lessons to learn and move on from stronger and wiser.

Don’t be afraid and don’t ever give up.

Kate Mistler

Oak Harbor

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