Letter: Residents should support local journalism


I applaud the South Whidbey Record for their Opinion in Saturday’s paper regarding the impact of unvaccinated people. The impacts are huge and continuing to unfold as the pandemic moves into new stages of catastrophe. And still many millions refuse to be vaccinated or wear masks.

The Record is laudably taking a stand on a contentious issue, and may lose a few subscribers as a result. I would encourage those of you who agree with their stand to urge your unsubscribing friends and family to support independent, thoughtful journalism by subscribing to the Record.

Sure, the Record has scaled back and merged two papers together as a result of the pandemic and changing times. Still they bring information to Whidbey Island which is vital to us. On this and many other issues, we need information gathered by journalists who care about bringing truth to the public so that folks can make informed decisions about their lives and their communities.

We may disagree with some of the articles, but there is no doubt that we need to hear what they have to say.

Linda Morris