Letter: Requests for donations must keep postal service in business


Has someone been spreading a rumor about me to members of Congress? In the first 100 days of 2020, a total of 39 members of Congress, from 24 states other than Washington, have sent me 118 donation requests. Each asking for the maximum allowable donation of $5,600. That totals to almost $700,000. I hope the other 500 members of Congress don’t get the idea that I won a super lotto.

The way some of these letters start, one would think I and Mr. or Mrs. Congressperson were old drinking buddies. Over the years, I have met some of those 500, but never in a bar.

Since New Year’s Day, I average over 15 pieces of mail per day, sometimes as much as 30, asking for some of my estate. A total of 190 individuals or organizations have sent me 438 requests for donations, with some of those being in the very high dollar bracket. These were from organizations for which the donation is tax deductible.

I received about 75 requests where the donation was not tax deductible.

I advised my wife and dog not to worry as I don’t donate — or if I do donate, it’s not at the level some request.

Some have asked for help for Tibet, others for Sudan, but most are from organizations like the Red Cross Salvation Army and animal and wildlife organizations.

I find it hard to believe I am of the select few to be so lucky that so many people and organizations across the United States have my address, phone number and email address. There could be many more like me who keep the postal service in business.

With this COVID-19 problem restricting me in my home, it does give me something to do. But I believe I will need a new shredder soon. My old one is getting worn out.

Robert Brown

Oak Harbor

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