Letter: Renninger is a role model for adults, kids


I was thrilled to read your Aug. 1 article, “Renninger revels in the success of her teammates,” highlighting Avalon Renninger, a recent graduate of Coupeville High School.

I had the privilege of knowing Avalon as her counselor and teacher at Coupeville Middle School. She is certainly one of the best students I have ever met.

You were spot on emphasizing her thoughtful teamwork and consideration of her peers above herself.

Her respect of others, her conscientious attention to detail, intelligence, compassion and tenacity are obvious to anyone who knows her.

Her appreciation of others, her love of family and her consistent successes are worthy of others’ admiration.

Avalon is a true role model, not only for other students, but also for adults, with solid values for us all to emulate.

She will go on to do more with excellence.

Thank you for sharing Avalon Renninger’s amazing talents and humanity to all of your readers.

Leslie Improta

Oak Harbor