Letter: Relax, enjoy the fruits of the Trump presidency


I feel nothing but sorrow for Larry Eaton. His hollow diatribe in his letter to the editor of Saturday, Feb. 15, about all the terrible things that will happen under President Trump is really quite pathetic.

President Trump will go down in history as one of our greatest presidents. He has already accomplished more in his first term than just about any other American president in history.

Relax, Mr. Eaton, enjoy the prosperity, economic success and safety we are all enjoying thanks to his actions and policies. Consider also, that he’s achieved all this in spite of having to deal with the three year distraction of the phony impeachment trial and Russia collusion debacle.

President Trump is truly Making America Great Again in spite of all the obstacles thrown in his path by the liberals, progressives, socialists, and closet communists in our government, not to mention the biased left wing media. Embrace your freedom and liberty under this great president. Your mean-spirited and misinformed opinions will only continue to make your life miserable.

Bill Merrill


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