Letter: Questions need asking


I know that I am whistling in the wind expecting the liberals in this state to ask themselves some simple questions. First, was Donald Trump a bad president? Consider what his policies did for the country, and ask if they harmed you, or made your life better. Then compare the current occupant of the Oval Office and ask the same questions.

Next, ask if the incumbents in Congress are doing the job they were sent to do. I see a lot of ads bragging about lowering drug prices. Does that outweigh the inflation caused by the same people flying that banner?

Are you satisfied that the rioters/tourists who occupied the Capitol on January 6th have received the punishment they deserve? How about the mostly peaceful rioters that have destroyed a number of cities?

Is destroying the oil industry before renewables are sufficient to take over wise?

Do you feel safer now, or before “Defund the Police”?

Were Covid lockdowns of the schools necessary?

Are masks useful?

Should abortion be decided in the states or mandated by the federal government?

I know that for the most radical among us, abortion, excuse the expression, trumps everything else, but I still hope there are enough thinking people left in this state.

Fred Wilferth