Letter: Putting school board members ‘on notice’


School board members are being put on notice. There is an increasing wave of disgust from parents over so-called critical race theory in public schools.

I sincerely hope that it is not being taught in Oak Harbor. If it is, school board members can be sure that there will be a very vocal and legal effort to unseat any board member who supports critical race theory or Black Lives Matter doctrines or any material or media that resembles it in public school curricula.

Critical race theory in schools seeks, under the pretense of “education,” to indoctrinate children with the view that America is racist, that racism is systemic, that one is either an oppressor or a victim, that there is such a thing as white privilege and that anyone who doesn’t support critical race theory is a racist.

These are all harmful to children. They’re false and dysfunctional doctrines that promote racism, a victim mentality, hatred for being an American and shame for having white skin.

As such, critical race theory and Black Lives Matter doctrines do not reflect the values and diverse, multi-racial community of Oak Harbor and should not be taught our schools.

School board members are not untouchable. Their place is not so high and lofty that a sufficiently motivated community of concerned parents cannot take it down. And merely deferring to “Oh, we just go by the state curriculum” as a way to shift responsibility to others or to shut down the discussion is unacceptable.

If any critical race theory or Black Lives Matter nonsense is presently or will be taught to our public school children in the future, school board members will be confronted about this publicly and vocally, and legal efforts will be made to remove them from their positions.

Concerned parents don’t want passive excuse-making. We want school board members to take active steps to prevent critical race theory and Black Lives Matter garbage from infiltrating our public schools.

We want school board members to inform parents what they have done toward this end.

A line has been drawn in the sand. Which side are school board members on? If they are on the side of children’s best interest and education, then it’s not the side of critical race theory and Black Lives Matter.

Michael Bradley

Oak Harbor

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