Letter: Purchase of ‘Hometown Heroes’ book benefits schools


Not that we needed another reminder of how wonderful this community is, but heck, why not! The second volume of Hometown Heroes is hot off the presses. This latest edition highlights some of our own board members, so I am extra proud to promote the sale of this wonderful collection of sweet tidbits about some very amazing people on South Whidbey. This book, adequately heavy enough to compete for that coveted coffee table book spot, is chock-full of heart warming, inspiring and amazing stories of not only how these folks have shared of themselves, but also the community they reflect.

Author and creator Susan Knickerbocker has graciously donated all proceeds from the sale of these books to three local non-profits, the South Whidbey Schools Foundation being one of them. What a very generous gift this is to not only the students through the grants the foundation awards with the funds received, but also to the community, as this book holds the energy of big hearts and open arms, that like ripples on a pond from that pebble, continue to spread out into the world.

I encourage you to buy a book for yourself and one or two for a neighbor, friend or family member, to continue to spread this pebble of joy. The books are $30 and can be purchased on our website, at Moonraker Books, South Whidbey Community Center, or at Bayview Garden.

A toast to you, to all heroes, to Susan, a hero herself, and to Goosefoot for donating space and food at the successful and fun book launch in October. We are better together!

Shelly Ackerman,

President, South Whidbey

Schools Foundation