Letter: Pro-Trump writers need to get facts straight, cite sources


I am responding to letters to the editor by Ed Hickey, Ed Meyer and Jim Henderson published in the Nov. 14 Whidbey News-Times.

Last time I looked in Island County, wasn’t it about 54.6 percent Biden, 42.4 percent Trump?

I do not have the space here to fact-check all of your comments. Many of your observations are misleading or just untrue. You all seem to be mostly parroting the comments by President Trump.

Media outlets have not misstated the election results. Remember, they are just reporting the results that were obtained from each of the states’ election offices, many which are in Republican-held states. When races were close, they reported them as “too close call,” which still applies to several states. Each media outlet is responsible for “calling an election” for one or the other candidate. They do this to try and inform the population and their readers.

Even Fox News “called” the election for Biden/Harris.

To my knowledge, no media outlet said that the electoral college has met and results state that Biden or Trump won. They have all indicated that, based on the information received from the individual states, Biden will be the official president-elect. It has been the custom for past 100 years to use these projections for the loser to concede.

As of this date, Trump has yet to concede despite losing by more than 5 million votes. As President-Elect Biden stated, “this is just embarrassing.”

I agree. It is embarrassing for the United States to have a president who seems isolated from reality. I have yet to see proof of election fraud that he is claiming. Worse is Trump’s insistence that election fraud was rampant.

“If I lose, it was rigged; if I win, everything was fair,” Trump stated. What fair minded person really believes this? These kinds of comments by the president are doing real damage to our country.

I do not understand the rationale for the Republican Party support of Trump. He’s proven to be a serial liar, racist and a grifter. You have all accused the Democrats of being anti-democratic and putting our country at risk of socialism.

In my mind having a want-to-be dictator as president is far worse than risking some version of national health care, regulations to preserve our environment and dealing with climate change.

Mr. Henderson wants us to remember the 72 million people who voted for President Trump. What about the 76 million that voted for Biden/Harris? OK, fair enough, are you hearing what Joe Biden said in a speech announcing his majority of votes? He said he would be the president of all the people, especially those who voted for Trump. Meanwhile, President Trump is busy threatening the “blue” states with retribution by withholding vaccines from the state of New York. He also threatened the states of California and Washington to withhold FEMA funds with which to fight forest fires.

His vindictiveness is so childish and unworthy of the president of the United States. His COVID-19 leadership is non-existent; worse, it is counter productive actually leading to more deaths with his super spreader events.

So gentlemen, kindly get your facts straight and you might try to get better informed by broadening your news sources.

Michael Hauser


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