Letter: Price Johnson supports growth, environment


I am voting for Helen Price Johnson for 10th Legislative District state senator.

Please join me in supporting Helen because she has been supporting the residents of Island County for 20 years. She definitely has the experience, wisdom and temperament to represent our district in Olympia.

Helen Price Johnson has shown compassionate leadership even when times are hard.

Price Johnson is for helping our nursing homes and those living in our rural communities have access to health care during this crazy time.

Our state law provides health care to legal immigrants and through the Alien Emergency Medical program to our undocumented population.

Helen believes it is both humane and economically practical to provide services to immigrants regardless of their status.

Her position is not in line with the current senator in office.

Helen is pro-economic growth and works to preserve and restore our precious environment by believing that working together we can achieve both objectives.

Helen has been a small business owner most of her adult life.

Price Johnson understands our regressive tax structure in Washington state and looks forward to working across the aisle to resolve our tax issues.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing she would like to see implemented right away is a tax holiday for small businesses to ease their burden and maintain employment for workers.

Please join me in electing Helen Price Johnson as our 10th Legislative District senator.

Peter Macaluso Sr.

Oak Harbor

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