Letter: Price Johnson has earned the trust of 10th District residents


As an Army veteran and retired businessman still active in my community’s civic activities, it’s important to me that we elect a common-sense senator from District 10 who has demonstrated wide-ranging success representing our region.

For 10 years on Whidbey I’ve been able to evaluate Helen Price Johnson as an effective advocate for our community interests in regional government. And as a member of the Island County Planning Commission and Whidbey Community Foundation, I’ve been able to observe Helen up close.

Her modus operandi is to study an issue, solicit varied inputs, and adopt a position. On multiple occasions I have seen her moderate a conclusion as new information was uncovered. This is as it should be.

As befitting a third generation local small business owner, Helen is fiscally responsible. As a former school board member, Helen is determined to improve education in the region. An appreciator of the natural beauty that surrounds us, Helen advocates for the environment. With four adult children, Helen is very mindful of the need for living wage jobs and affordable housing in the district.

As a veteran, I appreciate that Helen has championed expanding veteran benefits and support in Island County.

Helen has repeatedly demonstrated that she is her own person. She’s not one to fall in line. She is intelligent, genuinely interested in the district, open-minded and already well connected with state government. Helen adds impactful value for our district from day-one.

Helen has earned our local trust for 12 years. This is reflected in the fact that the overwhelming majority of her campaign contributions are individuals and local.

Join me in voting for Helen Price Johnson for state senator.

George Saul

Oak Harbor

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