Letter: Predicts ruin for city’s economy, reputation


Three cheers to Rick and Kevin Kiser for their comments.

I too would like to thank our greedy, idiotic and irresponsible politicians both here in Oak Harbor and Olympia, who must think retired people living on fixed incomes have an unlimited source of money to satisfy our city council’s urge to spend other people’s cash.

My family’s property tax increase this year was more than twice my monthly Social Security check,which by the way, has not seen a COLA in the past two year

Since we moved here about 10 years ago, our taxes and utility bills have increased every year and nearly every Oak Harbor City Council has spent a tremendous amount of money on unnecessary projects.

To name a few, beautifying Pioneer Way and the new city water treatment plant, both of which cost the town twice the estimate and took twice as long to complete.

This does not include a school system which is close to being one of the worst in the state.

Other than patchwork, not one cent has been allotted to fixing streets and sidewalks, which seem to be of little importance until someone gets seriously injured

I predict that, within the next five years with the help of incompetent people in Oak Harbor and Olympia, our city will surpass Seattle as the most corrupt city in Washington state and, possibly, the entire country.

Oak Harbor’s economy and good reputation as a great place to live and retire will be destroyed.

Richard Ays

Oak Harbor

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