Letter: Population politics is a losing effort


Current news is that overdose deaths have increased statewide.

This may sound mean, but why should we intervene if people choose to go that route?

Way back in 2004 Al Gore warned us that world population was exploding. Even before that, actually in the late 1970s, the Ronald Reagan/Charleton Heston inspired Republican Party made “Zero Population Growth” a party platform.

Back then they actually endorsed sex education, distribution of birth control devices (male and female), family planning education and even government subsidized abortion clinics… until voting demographics changed their minds.

Now they’ve changed their tune to endorse a more popular sounding evangelical “choose life” campaign, all the while decrying the voting swings that accompany liberal population growth.

Of course opposing all this are the religious factions citing unbridled population copulation as being their “God given right”… while increasing their political demographics wouldn’t hurt either.

“What’s this world coming to?” is a question with new meaning.

No wonder some feeling lost in the confusion are choosing overdose as a way out.

Al Williams

Oak Harbor