Letter: Political misinformation plagues Oak Harbor City Council race again

I find it funny how Mr. Fischer (in his letter to the editor, titled “Vegas Corp Pouring Money Into Council Races”) wants to make his query into my campaign funding and the funding for Mr. Jeff Mack, when Mr. Mack and I are the only two candidates running for City Council, who are openly reporting all campaign funds to the Public Disclosure Commission. The question he should be asking, is where are the funding reports for my opponent (Tara Hizon) and Jeff’s opponent (Joseph Busig). Why are they not being transparent in their raising of funds? Instead, Mr. Fischer wants to pick through the OPEN documentation and try to make a link as though something nefarious is occurring.

In reality, the donations to my campaign have been sparse at best. Those that have donated to my campaign have either met me personally (including Scott Thompson) or read my posts on facebook, or viewed my website to see what I stand for. Generally, donors want to see a positive change in the future for Oak Harbor. They want to know their city is a safe place to raise a family. They want to know there is a future in our city and that our future includes them and their needs. Point of fact, I recently received a donation from a union who’s chief concern is the future for it’s membership working on Naval Air Station Whidbey island (NASWI). They understand that the way forward is by approaching our housing and economic growth issues as well as our partnership with NASWI as it grows, with good common sense questions, ideas and ultimately solutions. The union local chapter is based out of Bothell, Wa. Should I question their support? Is there something going on behind the curtain because I accepted a union donation? Or could it be, the union wants to do the right thing for it’s members by supporting the best candidate who might represent their memberships interests? I think it’s just common sense, it’s good business and it opens the door for everyone with an interest to participate. Mr. Mack and I have openly reported all donations to our individual campaigns and we invite all Oak Harbor residents to go on our websites to see what we’re about. Just go to www.jeffmackforcitycouncil.com and www.michaelcrawfordforcitycouncil.com respectively. In short, you’ll see there is nothing there but a positive direction both Jeff and I would like to go with city government!

It is true Mr. Mack and I have received donations from Tri-son Investment Corporation, a company Scott Thompson is associated with. That said, it’s also true Mr. Thompson has put his money where his mouth is and has physically moved within the city limits of Oak harbor and continues to invest in Oak Harbors growth potential. In fact Tri-son Investment Corp. is active in 14 states including Washington. Trying to make the connection with Tri-son having substantial influence in mine or Jeff Mack’s campaign, is like saying Chevron must have influence too because I choose to by fuel at the station on the corner of Midway Blvd and SR20. Chevron operates in almost all 50 states. But since they’re not based here in Oak Harbor, should I not buy their fuel?

Footnote: Scott Thompson is a native to Washington State. His company, Tri-son Investment Corporation, is owned by the Thompson family trust. It is not a real-estate investment company, it owns no real-estate. Tri-son came to Oak Harbor at the request of our current City Council to study and present a solution to Oak Harbor’s economic growth problems. Scott Thompson believed in the project so much he moved to Oak Harbor. He brought his family here. They are residents of Oak Harbor. Hence the concept of Wrights Crossing. Wrights Crossing however, is a Washington State registered LLC. They’re not owned by Tri-son Investment Corp. That said, It amazes me how a firm can be invited to our city for the purpose of offering solutions, then once the solutions are presented, be vilified by special interest groups, the media and now the very Council that invited them here in the first place.

Where was all this hostility when LIHI was putting on their show. On one hand we have an investment firm willing to invest millions into our city building privately financed homes at every level from starter homes to high income homes that will provide Oak Harbor the much needed property tax and utility assessments to be able to address the condition of our streets and the overwhelming costs for utilities as they are today. Tara Hizon and Joseph Busig want to settle the housing conditions via government funding. Some government funded housing is necessary, but for every government house built, that’s one less house contributing to the tax base for the local economy. LIHI is one such organization that will build a nice looking facility but won’t provide any economic benefit to our local economy. Like it or not, that means the citizens who do pay the taxes will have to assume the tax burden created by organizations such as LIHI.

Mr. Fischer, you asked a question I’ll be happy to answer. The blight to our City has already happened when the current City Council agreed to let LIHI build a residential building at the entrance of our retail district, that will provide absolutely no financial benefit to the City whatsoever. Do I welcome the donation from Tri-son Investment Corporation, Scott Thompson and family, Wrights Crossing LLC or any other investment firm who will offer to come in and present a positive solution to Oak Harbor’s economic growth issues with the potential of infusing millions into our economy at the stroke of a pen? Not only yes, but Hell Yes!

Michael E. Crawford For City Council Position One

Oak Harbor

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