Letter: Oppose Agenda 21, support Hazelo for commissioner


In the 1990s, a lot of interest was generated by concern for a new United Nations project. It was called Agenda 21. It was an attempt to get the sovereignty of the countries to go along with the UN and their goals of land usage, restriction on human usage of certain land areas and concentration of populations in designated zones for habitation. The Agenda 21 was not accepted at that time. The precepts and the language of it have been slowly adopted in predominantly Democratic cities, counties and states.

The result has been a gradual intrusion on our rights given to us by God as noted in our Declaration of Independence. What we have here in Washington state, with the Democrat-controlled government is a continual restriction of our rights and adoption on the precepts of Agenda 21. Within Island County we see this continuing intrusion into our land use to help the Green New Deal, which is designed to destroy our economy. It will be impossible to meet the goals for electricity in the future if it is followed as envisioned by the governor and the Democrats.

The choice for Island County commissioner is simple. Janet St. Clair supports the liberal goals of the governor and some of the ideas of Agenda 21. Timothy S Hazelo supports the United States Constitution and Washington state Constitution. If you don’t want your rights eroded, you need to vote for Timothy Hazelo.

Joseph Moreland

Oak Harbor