Letter: Opinion touting Trump was devoid of true facts


In response to Joseph E Coomer’s ad: where to begin.

When history is written, Trump will put Joseph McCarthy to shame in the category of bamboozling his fervent supporters. It’s unfortunate that this emulator of dictators is the face of America to the rest of the world.

Your position, Mr. Coomer, is nothing but innuendo, supposition and baseless predictions. Let’s look at the facts. They are easily available, unless one is trying to avoid, or worse, ignore them. They come from thousands of trusted sources. The information is well documented and anything but “fake.”

The present day Trump was formed early at military school where he “emerged with a blueprint for leadership by force and ridicule.” He honed his bigotry working for his father’s real estate firm.

Trump’s much vaunted success in business began in 1974 with a $40 million inheritance leading to moderately more success than failure. Outstanding failures include shutting down the Trump Foundation for misuse of charitable funds and bankrupting his three Atlantic City casinos.

For a complete listing of Trump’s 4,095 lawsuits, go to azcentral.com.

After avoiding military service, he now insults the military. Perhaps the most unpatriotic thing that Trump has done is a failure to pay his fair share of taxes, some of which support the military. It wasn’t illegal, just immoral.

Trump saddled generations to come with the costs generated from a single presidential term. The initial denial of COVID’s existence, leading to the death of 214,000-and-counting Americans and a tax break that gave 60 percent of the savings to the top 20 percent on the income ladder, have led to a $3.1 trillion deficit, blowing past Obama’s record of $1.4 trillion, partially due to the inherited Bush recession of 2008.

In the end, after decoding the diatribes, one is left with the essence of what Trump supporters want.

The primary reasons for support of their figurehead appear to be the following:

• mandated Christian religion in schools — no others need apply;

• a right to bear arms, based on a misinterpretation of the Second Amendment, to include 50-caliber and RPGs — I, by the way, am an owner of animal hunting guns;

• and, control of and/or disregard for women’s health. Lurking underneath it all is their determination to maintain the status quo in the face of the predicted inevitable “majority minority” in 2050 putting the “American dream” at risk.

I am optimistic that my fellow Americans are ready to move this country’s priorities in the direction of science, inclusion and equal justice for all. I am confident that, once again, on Nov. 3, the majority of Americans will agree.

Yes, Mr. Coomer, it is a clear choice.

Jeff Ewing


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