Letter: Opinion page letters, column good for a laugh


The Whidbey News-Times doesn’t need a comic section to make us laugh, it has the Opinion page.

On May 4, we had Jerry Cornfield celebrating the numbskull Democrat legislative “accomplishments” that simply amounted to further control of one’s life and liberty; with more plans to tax us into the ground.

Oh, let’s tax the banks. And, don’t forget to latch onto peoples’ ill-gotten capital gains. No one will complain if we tax those things and we’ll have so much more money to waste. It will be really fun.

Then we have a socialist letter writer who wants readers to think we’re already a socialist country and gives examples of government programs like the military. This is the ultimate in naivete and wishful thinking. She clearly has no idea how capitalism works, and how socialism fails. Guess she hasn’t been keeping up with the news about Venezuela.

And, finally, we have “miss nice person” speaking out in favor of jet noise. She evidently doesn’t realize that the jets are not only significantly louder than in the past, but that there are a whole lot more of them, many that ignore the AICUZ Noise Zone limitations.

She thinks those of us who are affected should just “quietly” put up with it. Maybe that’s because she lives in the unaffected town of Langley.

Excuse me while I chortle.

Bill Hamburg


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