Letter: One person’s ‘sound of freedom’ another person’s ‘sound of war’


While I strongly disagree with the premise of the letter, “Buy earplugs … appreciate Growlers,” published Saturday, April 18, I write primarily to raise concerns about the lack of civility or respect shown in the letter. The writer certainly is entitled to offer a cogent response to Tom Ewell’s well thought out and written letter, but to do so without ad hominem attacks.

The writer continually called Mr. Ewell “ill-informed,” accused him of “incessant whining,” and implied that lack of military service disqualified one to criticize the Navy. The writer also suggested that, if Mr. Ewell didn’t like the Growlers, he could leave the island.

The “buy earplugs” writer should consider that just because one comes from a different life experience and faith perspective does not make them ill-informed. One person’s “sound of freedom” may be another person’s “sound of war.”

I remind the Navy apologist that over half of our tax dollars are dedicated by Congress to the military. That certainly gives Whidbey residents standing to criticize the economic, environmental and health costs of the incessant Growler flights.

Dick Hall