Letter: Omicron may be a blessing in disguise



Allen McPheeters thinks “badder” is a bad word, but he’s correct to note that the Omnicron variant of Covid-19 is less of a threat. The real “badder” news is that it is more contagious but significantly less harmful, while leaving immunity in its wake.

But isn’t that what vaccines do? Being highly contagious, Omnicron may be a blessing in disguise.

It could bring the herd immunity we need, do it with no appointments required, no politics involved, no objections considered, and best of all without a deficit-swelling, inflation-generating, government-tax price tag.

Of course, the national news media will probably take a hit. Alarm bell ringing talk shows and prognosticators won’t have much to talk about.

But then health insurers won’t be able to use it to increase premiums.

Already the prophets of gloom and doom have shifted from talking about “death rates” to “case rates” in order to make things sound serious. But will they ever admit that high rates of Omnicron could make Covid slide silently into history?

The best “badder” news is that the day may come when we can kiss masks goodbye.

Al Williams

Oak Harbor