Letter: Old tale ‘The Emporer’s New Clothes’ fits Trump to a ‘T’

Letter to the Editor.


After reading several letters to the editor, I am reminded of Hans Christian Andersen’s story, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Because of lies, the emperor believes he is wearing extravagantly fine clothing while actually quite naked.

The parallel to this story can easily be found with Donald Trump.

Emperor Trump began his regency by insisting Barack Obama had no place as president because his birth place was foreign.

Thousands of lies later — 1,600 to be exact — and fully into his emperorship, he told his audience about voter fraud and had the temerity to propose experimenting with casting extra votes.

Hopefully someone pointed out the illegality of his plan. Of course, the emperor is unaccustomed to being told that his recommendation may violate the law since he seems to believe he is the law.

Being a naked emperor requires the support of lackeys who make vain efforts to support his delusion.

One letter writer contended that Joe Biden stated his intention to blackmail a victory in order to stop the current violence. Excuse me, but the violence is part of Emperor Trump’s America.

One writer contends Obama’s administration had numerous scandals. What were they?

The same letter goes on to cite Obama’s $800 stimulus to correct the economic free fall had not created “one job,” but rewarded major donors. Actually, it kept 5.3 million Americans from slipping beneath the poverty line.

Come on folks, Emperor Trump is quite naked. Admit it. We need a democratic president.

Tony Stettler

Oak Harbor