Letter: Oak Harbor can be unsafe, but police doing their best


This is a letter of gratitude and appreciation. My husband and I returned from spending the winter in our Arizona home in mid-May to find the homeless population had grown considerably, City Beach Park closed for renovation and an increasing lack of concern regarding public safety on the part of our city council.

At least from our perspective, it appears there is little attention given on the part of our city’s government to the steady erosion of our once-pristine environment.

As an example, we went to dinner with friends the other night and witnessed a homeless person sitting between two shrubs — using it as a toilet — across the street from the parking lot for the Pioneer building.

We are saddened and appalled by what has happened to our city.

I am, however, happy to send this letter of appreciation regarding the efforts of our police department. Officers are coming to the park, regularly, and moving along the loiterers.

Finally, we see young families using the park again. We received a call from the city this week advising the restrooms will be removed and ultimately replaced. We know there has been some damage to the facility and we worry about having a new restroom as there is little respect shown for public property.

It is truly sad that we no longer feel safe to walk the streets of our city. We are alarmed at the increase in crime and a general sense of distrust and fear. However, we applaud the police department for its efforts to protect our citizens.

Linda M. Haddon

Oak Harbor

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