Letter: Nobody promised living under jets would be quiet


I believe that someone needs to speak up with some reality in this OLF Coupeville issue. A recent letter says “perfect solution … use China Lake.”

If you think back/forth to China Lake for Whidbey Growlers is a good idea, then why make it China Lake?

Why not offer up central Nebraska? Or “down east” in Maine? The OLF needs to be close, is manned only when used and manned by Naval Air Station Whidbey Island personnel.

Imagine the fuel wasted to fly back/forth to China Lake.

To a Mr. David Sharp letter in August, thanks for the calm, but let’s have some facts. You remember that 15 years ago when you moved here, only a few days a month use of the OLF Coupeville.

It was tolerable.

But today’s, I guess, more heavily used in your mind, is too much. The year 2004 shows 4,020 operations in 2004 — might have been 2003.

Today the number of operations is listed repeatedly at 3,000-plus.

The truth is that the use today is probably exactly the same as when you bought, but you choose to believe it’s now worse.

Additionally, the Growler is not the loudest plane built. That’s just made-up foolishness. The OLF is for safety and requires any/all tactical jets using it to be at full throttle and stay very low in a left hand turn, to replicate missing a wire on board the boat and having to ‘go around’ in the pattern.

Any and all aircraft practicing this safety measure will be incredibly loud and intrusive by definition.

EA-6Bs were loud, A-6s were loud and A-3s were loud.

You also indicated or said that the Navy changed the equation. The Navy never promised to reduce or cease operations at OLF. They promised to always try to mitigate the noise issue.

The Navy is not at fault. The Navy receives orders from our government in D.C. Blaming the Navy for more flying at the NAS or OLF is blaming the messenger.

The Navy has dealt with Whidbey Island with dignity and respect and for you or others to pretend that the Navy is purposely trying to aggravate folks is ridiculous.

Lastly, you complain that Oak Harbor residents blame OLF folks for whining because it’s loud in Oak Harbor, too.

Nonsense. Nobody is saying that.

People are saying that you folks bought your houses under the noise footprint of OLF, so live with it.

It is terribly loud under the OLF footprint, and yes, it’s going to get worse as more FCLPs — safety — will be required, but nobody forced you to purchase a house under the OLF footprint, and nobody promised you less noise or no growth at OLF.

Jim Innes

Oak Harbor

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