Letter: No sympathy for ‘newcomers’ to Whidbey Island


I have no respect for the people who complain about the parts of the island that probably made them want to move here in the first place. My heart is broken to see what has happened to beautiful Whidbey over the past 20 years. The sense of a close, rural community is instead being replaced by the California-suburbia mindset.

We used to joke about everything here being on “island time;” go with the flow, show up fashionably late, take time to appreciate the nature around you. Now it feels like this place is trying to quickly resemble Lynnwood.

I already drive 5-10 mph over the speed limit but still have people fly up on my backside and tailgate the whole way until I can safely pull over. Anytime I see an SUV, Jeep, or lifted truck I just know everyone else on the road is in for a bad time.

I would also argue that the “Whidbey 40” club is even worse; if going 55 mph is too fast then you shouldn’t be driving. I’m sorry but it’s the truth, and you are putting people in danger by going under the speed limit and expecting others to risk themselves to get around you.

Another thing is the lack of respect for the wildlife. The deer and rabbits were never a problem to locals who understood that living with nature meant certain sacrifices were to be made, like taking extra time and cost to protect your gardens. You hate the deer pee/poop, the fences people put around their gardens and that so many people are and have always been unbothered by the deer.

If you hate it then why did you move here? Also the complaint that they jump in front of cars? Are you serious? Move back to the city if that’s a major concern.

Are any of these anti-environment groups paying these people? After seeing the new development plans for Oak Harbor I honestly believe the island is a lost hope. Give it a decade and you’ll all be writing into the newspaper to complain about how much the island has developed.

I am honest-to-God wishing a mega-earthquake would hit the island because of these pretentious new movers who rip up the land, build their million-dollar homes with their septic tanks and still find things to complain about and change.

You don’t own the beach, views, or the Island, and this place will be better off when your homes finally slide into the ocean.

Octavia Clarker


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