Letter: No longer casting vote for party, but on qualifications

Letter to the Editor


I don’t know what kind of Russian misinformation Ed Meyer has been listening to on Fox News, but he has labeled the wrong candidate a bully.

It is not the Democratic candidate who is encouraging or inciting the violence at the various Black Lives Matter demonstrations across the country. It is Trump and his white supremacists.

Both Trump and members of his family and staff have been pleased, stating Trump benefits by the chaos — failing to mention how often he fans the flames with his rallies, tweets and false allegations.

Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris stated more than once they do not condone the violence and destruction, do not condone the self-proclaimed “militia” that walks around with military style weapons, do not condone parents driving their sons across state lines with weapons with the clear intent to use them, i.e. Kyle Rittenhouse.

In fact, both Biden and Harris have stated such individuals should be prosecuted and sentenced.

If only we could get the same commitment from state and local agencies to prosecute and sentence law enforcement officers who think nothing of shooting people of color in the back and murder them with knees on their necks.

If Mr. Meyer wants to talk about bullies, let him begin with the bully in the White House, who calls members of our military “losers” and “suckers” for serving and sacrificing their lives for this country.

Let us talk about the individual who is supposed to be the leader of the nation who is more familiar with lies, undeserved bravado, rudeness and insults to our allies, dismissal of rules and laws when they are inconvenient to his personal self-interests, and total silence toward Russia when bounties have been placed on our soldiers’ lives, when Russian jets “buzz” our bombers, when Russian ships sail right through our fishing fleets, etc.

I’ve been a registered Republican, a registered Democrat and an Independent. I no longer cast my vote based on whether there is a “D,” “R” or “I” after a candidate’s name. I cast my vote based on the integrity, honor and trustworthiness of the candidate.

This year I will be voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because there are no redeeming qualities or qualifications in Mr. Trump or his cronies.

This country has a lot of “fixing” to do to crawl out of the hole the current administration has dug for all of us, while accepting no responsibility.

At least under a Biden/Harris administration there’s every reason to believe nominated members of the administration will be both qualified and honest, decisions will be based on what is in the best interest of the country and its people instead of the best interest and financial benefit to the guy who’d rather play golf than read the daily briefing report, and leadership of the country will be through professional communication instead of ranting tweets.

Rusty Gagnon

Oak Harbor