Letter: No candidate support because of ‘rigged two-party system’


I can’t wait for the voting season to be done with. It will be nice to get rid of all the “sight pollution” from the candidates’ signs along every road, street and corner. I will also be relieved when all the political mailers — which I seem to get in stacks of 10 or more each day — stop.

I am pretty much apolitical, not leaning towards one major party or the other. I have met with many and even worked with and for some of the candidates and although I don’t necessarily subscribe to their point of view, I believe most to be good, hard working people.

Problem is that even though I have voted in the all the last major and minor elections, I really don’t feel as if there are any candidates to vote for because of the rigged two-party system. A majority of the candidates only stand for their political party line and nothing else.

No thinking outside of the box, no room for improvement, no room for working across party lines to resolve real issues. No room for an independent point of view.

Who suffers? The voters. First off, I see too many political adds stating what a great “leader” they are. They seem to forget, they are not our “leader(s),” they are our elected representatives. I don’t need somebody to lead me … telling me what and how to do something and how to live my life.

What I want, what I need, is somebody to represent me, no matter what political opinions I have.

Let’s work together on issues for resolution that is the best for as many of the people as possible and not for any one political party.

Richard Hoover

Oak Harbor

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