Letter: New Sound Water Stewards’ book for the island explorer


“Don’t leave home without it.”

That’s what I said years ago when the first edition of “Getting to the Water’s Edge” was released. It’s always amazing to me the power of volunteers in our island community.

Once again, the Sound Water Stewards organization knocked my socks off. They produced the third edition to the 200-page version for us Island County outdoor lovers. It’s for the island explorer in us. All of the trails, dog parks, clamming beaches, parks of all sorts, kayaking launch sites and the list goes on.

And sure, it gets you legally to the shoreline, an emphasis begun with the very first 48-page edition called “Public Road Access to Public Tidelands in Island County.” I doubt you would even be able to find that version, and you don’t want to as the versions that followed were, and are, so very superior.

All versions of “Getting to the Water’s Edge” have been possible thanks to WSU Beach Watchers, and now, formed into its own nonprofit 501c3, Sound Water Stewards. The work involved in such a production is immense.

Kudos goes to the lead on the project, Linda Ridder and her team, Jordan Macke, Sarah Schmidt, Cheryl Bradkin, Marian Blue and Jeanie McElwain. Also helping were a hoard of dedicated SWS volunteers contributing to its contents. A huge thanks goes to all those volunteers and the many who helped fund the printing.

Two more things of significance are worth noting. The previous book, with 4,000 copies sold in 2006, became the most sold book in Island County.

The current edition focuses on helping keep Sound Waters Stewards financially alive and well in our community as it now stands on its own after 27 years as a WSU Extension program.

Again, thank you Sound Water Steward volunteers for the wonderful things you do making our place the best place in the world to live.

Don Meehan


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