Letter: Navy is listening to calls to the noise complaint line


It seems that I owe an apology to the Navy. All these years, I thought that the Navy didn’t pay attention to the Growler noise complaint line. That was an error; the Navy does listen … they just don’t respond.

The Navy thinks that, by not responding, we will think they don’t pay attention, and drive the numbers down.

As part of the Citizens of Ebey’s Reserves lawsuit against the Navy, the Navy had to give COER all their supporting documents, and COER found an internal Navy document just so head-shaking stem to stern, but check these items out:

“Incompatible development of the proposed FY 17 projects could immediately and directly impact the number of noise complaints and potentially affect operation levels … The Naval aviator training program … is currently threatened by training limitations on the OLF (Coupeville) due to continual increase in noise complaints and frequency of related litigation.

And, “We have been limited to 6,120 operations due to community resistance.”

So, my friends, when you are bothered by the Navy Growler noise, trust that the Navy does listen, and call the noise complaint line at 1-360-257-6665.

Michael Monson