Letter: Muzzall is pragmatic, willing to seek out details, information


I am writing today in support of Ron Muzzall for state Senate. I have had the privilege of knowing Ron for over 30 years and consider him a friend.

I learned much during my 20 years in the Navy and the most important thing was leadership. I learned to be able to identify leaders, potential leaders and followers. When I first met Ron, it was obvious that was a great leader.Life has taught him many things including being good to your word and believing we all can do more to make our world a better place.

He has served on many boards and committees to advance that idea and encourages all who come in contact with him to do the same.

Ron is pragmatic and is always willing to seek out details and information to develop a viewpoint on an issue.

Needless to say, Olympia needs more people who vote their conscience and always have the best interests of the people in the forefront of their thinking. I encourage all to vote for Ron Muzzall for State Senate.

Send the message to Olympia that common sense and virtue outweigh party dogma and politics.

Dean Thiem

Oak Harbor

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