Letter: Must halt donations to charities, foundations


Our property taxes just increased by about $750 (19 percent) per year.

We would like to thank the voters and out-of-control politicians for making this happen.

As usual, the law of unintended consequenses rears its head: Limited by a fixed income, the money has to come from somwhere, so our donations to charities and foundations will have to cease.

It’s no secret that private operations can out-perform government agencies by magnitudes.

The donations we chose were carefully picked for their performance, but now we get to “donate” into a bottomless pit of bureaucracy, soon to be made even worse by runaway greed in Olympia.

To all of the groups we tried to support, we apologize.

Your work is necessary and productive, and we would like to think our donations made a difference.

Rick and Kevin Kiser

Oak Harbor

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