Letter: Move Growler practices to area in Skagit County



As a former Naval aviation officer, I understand the necessity for proper training of Naval aviators, especially those involved in carrier operations. Nobody that I know, by the way, wants Naval Air Station Whidbey Island to close and few are anti-Navy.

As a resident of Coupeville, I understand the annoyance of noise from Outlying Field Coupeville.

The acrimony of comments about OLF bothers me. I think we need a solution that benefits both sides of the argument.

Here’s a suggestion: Have the Navy sell the current OLF Coupeville property and use the proceeds to purchase and establish a practice facility somewhere off the island.

The empty space between the Swinomish reservation and Burlington come to mind.

OLF Coupeville operations would continue while the replacement facility is under construction.

The current OLF facility, the last time I visited, was in poor repair and may need major maintenance.

A new facility in Skagit County would be only a bit further from Ault Field than the existing OLF but would offer an improved runway along with other required services.

Existing equipment at OLF should be movable to a new facility.

Peace, fellow islanders.

Jerry Case