Letter: Mayor of Oak Harbor speaking for constituents


In response to Mr. Patrick Hussey’s letter appearing in the Aug. 13 of the Whidbey News-Times: Civics class is in session. The mayor of Oak Harbor was presumably speaking for many, probably a majority, of his constituents.

No, I am not one of them.

It has been pointed out that he is merely addressing one of his legal responsibilities. Who are you to tell him not to make a statement supporting, probably, the facts and supporting the largest employer in the region?

And, really, who are you to suggest he print a retraction. If you are offended you take that up personally with the mayor. I’m sure he can pencil you in sometime.

Yeah, right. You forgot didn’t you, you’re not one of his constituents.

If you are going to berate the U.S. Navy, because you are a “Navy brat,” and, somehow that gives you the right, please stand by. I’m quite sure you will be hearing from others. Now, let’s take a break and continue the civics lesson later.

Norm Banta

Oak Harbor

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